Parents Meeting Aug 22 @7pm

2016-17 Jazz Band Roster

On behalf of our faculty and staff I would like to welcome all our new and returning students back to North Hollywood High School! My name is Mr. Robin Sharp and I am the Instrumental Music Director. This will be the first of many posts regarding important happenings in our music program. If you would like to subscribe to this e-news letter, please subscribe at top right hand side of this homepage.

On Monday August 22nd, we will be having our first Parents meeting at 7pm in the Music Room. This meeting is especially important for new Band and Dance team parents to help you better understand everything involved in the Royal Regiment as well as learn how you can get involved if interested in helping strengthen our program. We will discuss all the information from the Regiment Packet including the course outline, Band & Dance team information, practice and performance schedule, and student expectations.

If you would like a copy of the student packet they are available for download on our website under information > downloads!

Thanks & hope you have a great beginning to your school year!

Musically Yours,

Mr. Sharp

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