Congrats to ALL!

What an outstanding way to end the semester! Congrats to all on yet another successful year. The winter concert was beautiful and all the groups sounded fantastic! At City Champs, the Band and Dance Team placed 2nd behind Kennedy by only 1.6 points! Congrats to our students on an incredible year for our music department!

Before we say goodbye to 2016, there are a few very important people I want to thank! A very big thanks to the students. I am so fortunate to be able to work with such an amazing group of kids. Their spirit and enthusiasm not only brightens my day but also brings me a sense of hope and happiness in this ever-changing and complicated world. I also want to thank the parents for all their time, energy and support to the program. A very special thanks to Jo Cocita & Chris Bahr for going the distance in helping make our field show a success! A big thanks to Leslie Rios for her time and talent in leading our Dance Team. Finally and most importantly to the genius that is Mr. Dylan Campbell! Thank you for writing an amazing field show and dedicating so much time and energy to the program. Thanks for leading our students to success!

2016-17 Band & Dance Team Accolades

Baldwin Park Tournament

1st Band –  2A Division
3rd in Auxiliary – 2A Division
Percussion Sweepstakes Award

Rampage Tournament
3rd in Percussion – 2A Division

Simi Valley Tournament
1st in Band – 2A Division
2nd in Percussion – 2A Division
2nd in Auxiliary – 2A Division
High Music Performance – Sweepstakes Award

LAUSD City Championships Tournament
2nd in Band – 2A Division

Happy Holidays & Best Wishes to ALL!

Musically Your,

Mr. Sharp

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