Summer 2019!

Band Camp:

Our 2019 Band Camp will be the weekdays between August 7 – 16, from 8am – 4pm. Join us as we set a strong foundation for our award-winning program. No preregistration is required, just simply show up! Attendance is mandatory for new and returning band students. Auditions are only required for incoming percussion students and perspective dance team members.

Summer Drummers:

This summer the Music Department is offering a FREE drumline & percussion class for all incoming NH students. This class will offer instruction on all percussion and drumline instruments as well as cover basic music theory. The class is scheduled for the weekdays between July 8 – August 2nd from 2pm5pm. This camp is strongly recommended for incoming percussion students interested in joining the band.

Auditions & Tryout INfo:

Drumline & Percussion Auditions July 29 or 30 from 11am -2pm

Colorguard / Dance Team Auditions July 29th & 30th • 1:30 – 4pm

  • All New and Returning students must attend both days
  • New Members will be required to attend Colorguard Camp scheduled the weekdays betweenAugust 5 – 16 • 8am – 4pm!

Jazz Band AuditionsAug 26 – 30 – Zero Period 

  • Audition packets available beginning August 13th

Band Camp Music:

Fall placement audition material is now available for 2019-20 Band Students! Please download music to Intonation Motivation and start practicing! Placement auditions for wind and brass students will take place during the second week of band camp!

All band students need to have a copy of the NHHS instrument packet and music to the NHHS Fight Song, NHHS Pep Songs, Daves Songs & the Star-Spangled Banner! Please bring all of these materials to camp! On August 7, New Member Day, we will have a pizza party so no need to pack a lunch on that first day. However, every day after students will be on their own for lunch. See you at Camp! – Mr. Sharp


Summer Colorguard Camp & Auditions:

Interested in joining the Royal Regiment Dance Team! Tryouts for the colorguard dance team are scheduled for July 29th & 30th from 1:30 – 4:00 pm. Auditions are mandatory for all new and returning dance team students. If students make the team they also need to attend the Summer Colorguard camp schedule for:Aug. 5 – 16 / Monday – Friday

  • 8am – 4pm
  • Attendance is Mandatory

 “There is no greater magic than seeing young people getting turned on by an idea and starting to grapple with things. And to feel that kind of energy, to see the light in their eyes and to see them becoming the opposite of apathetic, the opposite of paralyzed, and the opposite of feeling powerless but to be actively engaged in living, and participating, that’s the most exciting thing.”  – Yo-Yo Ma

Don’t forget to be awesome!

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