Fall Parent Jobs Available!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our fall parent meeting!  I enjoyed seeing so many new faces and was inspired by the steadfast support for our music program! As mentioned, parent participation is needed to make everything work. Below are a variety of jobs parents can sign up to help make our program a success! The first few jobs are this Thursday including purchasing groceries, food, and water for our first team meal and football game!

In an effort to give everyone an opportunity to sign up, please select one job at first and wait 24 hours before signing up for a second and third job. We very much appreciate your interest and enthusiasm and hope to see you at the game!

Click the links below to see the opportunities available for parents to get involved! Thanks and hope to see everyone this Thursday!

F 2019 Regiment Shirt Sizes

Parent Participation / Sign up to volunteer & help our band!

Parent Committees 

Coming UP!
  • Aug 29 (Thursday) – Home Gave Vs. Campbell Hall
  • Aug 30 (Friday) – Drill Day Practice 8am – 3pm (Band only)
  • Sept 6 (Friday) – Colorguard Drill Day 4pm – 10pm (Dance Team only)
  • Sept 13 (Friday) – Band & Dance Team Drill Day 4pm – 10pm
  • Sept 20 (Friday) – Colorguard Drill Day 4pm – 10pm (Dance Team only)
  • Sept 27 (Friday) – Home Game Vs. Verdugo Hills – Homecoming!
  • Sept 28 (Saturday) – Band Drill Day 8am – 12noon (Band Only)

Thanks & hope you have a great year!

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