Dance Team Tryout Information

Tryouts are typically held two or three weeks before the first day of school (fall semester). When you attend you need to wear clothes you can move around in (workout clothes) and tennis shoes. You will also be required to be in good academic standing so please bring a copy of your latest transcripts.

At the tryout, you will be judged on:

  • your ability to perform the routine and skills taught;
  • your ability to work & cooperate with other students & adults;
  • your ability to learn Colorguard / auxiliary equipment
  • your current academic grades, attendance, work habits, & cooperation

Students with a grade point average under 2.0, more than 8 absences from school in a semester, or with multiple U’s in work habits or cooperation on their report cards are rarely accepted into the NHHS Dance Team.

If you are accepted, you must agree to the following items listed below:

  • attend all Practices (Please review the schedule!)
  • attend all Performances
  • follow the Appearance & Grooming Standards for Performances
  • follow the Academic Standards
  • purchase the required uniform and meal plan


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