Marching Band / Concert Band

A student enrolled in the Royal Regiment Band at North Hollywood High School is part of one of the most dynamic performance organizations in the Los Angeles Unified School District. The group’s excellence has been proven consistently through the years at the LAUSD’s Combined Band and Drill Team Championships. To maintain this excellence, extremely high standards, and expectations are set for students. Students will spend a great deal of time and effort for this class, and will most likely feel they have accomplished more in this class than any other. A tremendous positive change in the student’s self-image, interpersonal skills, and leadership abilities frequently results.

The major emphasis of this course is to develop musical, dance, marching and interpersonal skills. The objective is that the student will grow these skills. A chief goal is that students will learn that superior effort and self-sacrifice are necessary to achieve a superior product. By the end of the term, students will have demonstrated on a number of occasions their ability to perform coordinated musical/dance/marching activities. They will also have shown an increase in their abilities to work along with other students and instructors.

Joining this group not only gives you the chance to be apart of one of the most dynamic performance groups on campus but also fulfills your PE requirements for ninth and tenth grade. The groups’ excellence has been proven consistently through the years at the LAUSD Field Show Championships. The band is respected on campus, throughout the district and more often then not wins the City Championships.

During the fall, the band combines with the Dance team to perform at school football games, local activities, and competitions. In the spring, the marching band transforms into a concert band while dance team puts on a student choreographed dance production. The band attends festivals each spring typically being awarded a “Superior” designation.

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