Indoor Drumline

The NHHS Indoor Drumline (IDL) is a percussion ensemble class open to all music department students, and geared towards those of all ability levels; from those who’ve never touched percussion, to those who practice it daily. What students learn in percussion applies directly to the skills on their main instruments, and develops important skills such as hand-eye coordination, working in a team, being dedicated, musicianship, etc. IDL is a great addition to college apps, and prolonged participation generally results in leadership positions.

In the first semester, IDL is a pedagogical class. There are no auditions required, and students are more likely to be placed on what they want. The semester culminates with at least one performance at the Winter Concert in December. This class is both an introduction to percussion, as well as a prerequisite for the competitive second semester. Snacks are provided at every rehearsal.

In the second semester, IDL is a competitive ensemble. There are auditions, and students are placed based on what will give the ensemble the best sound. There are usually 3-4 competitions, a solo competition, and a final concert at NHHS. Snacks are provided at every rehearsal

Students’ grades are of utmost importance; therefore a GPA of 2.0+ is required to participate. In combination with the marching band, most of our students, even in magnet programs, are able to balance their workload with daily music rehearsals. Participation in the IDL is a reward for a strong work ethic in students’ academic pursuits.

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