Royal Regiment Band & Dance Team


Jay Gehringer

Jonathan Kenion


Dance – Regina Hodges & Aracely Vargas

Percussion – Dylan Campbell

Field Show 2008 – A little Visit to Chicago

Does Anyone Really Know What Time It is
The Inner Struggles of a Man
Another Rainy Day In New York
25 of 6 or 4
Musical Arrangements by Collette Hausey

Student Leaders

Food Committee Chair – Darby Barton


Drum Major – Sam Levey
Assistant Drum Major – Sophia Aleman
Uniform Chair – Joselyne Marroquin
Equipment Chair – Shawn Kranitz
Section Leaders
Flute – Kouros Falati
Clarinet – Leah Stone
Alto Saxophone – Luz Bernardino
Tenor Saxophone – Yvette Castro
Mellophone/French Horn – Evan Leibowitz
Trumpet – Marissa Mekvichitsaeng
Trombone – Shawn Kranitz
Low Brass – Brandon Rojas
Drums – Melinda Acevedo
Pit – Darby Barton

Dance Team

Captain – Jo-ie Atchison Dangerfield
Lieutenant – Hannah Cohen
2008-2009 Band
2008-2009 Dance Team
Playboy Jazz Festival

Additional pictures from the Jazz Playboy festival!

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