Band and Dance Team


Jay Gehringer

Jonathan Kenion


Dance – Regina Hodges & Aracely Vargas

Percussion – Dylan Campbell

Field Show 2006 – The Music of the Mahatten Transfer

Up a Lazy River
Walkin’ in New York
Four Brothers
Musical Arrangements – Collette Hausey

Student Leaders

Food Committee Chair – Tina Sparks


Drum Major – Tiffany Barillas
Assistant Drum Major – Danial Konialian
Uniform Chair – Joanna Perez
Equipment Chair – Renato Rubalcava
Section Leaders
Flute – Joanna Perez
Clarinet – Estaban Selaya
Alto Saxophone – Sam Levey
Tenor Saxophone – Blake Clayton
Mellophone/French Horn – Mitch Muller
Trumpet – Alec Ernest
Trombone – Justin Walker
Low Brass – Renato Rubalcava
Drums – Deanna Bowerman

Dance Team

Captain – Amy Sanchez
Lieutenant – Judy Chung
Lieutenant – Victoria Wolfe
2006-2007 Band
2006-2007 Dance Team

Rehearsal Photo Gallery

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