2019-20 Dance Team Tryout Results

Thanks to all who participated in our Dance Team tryouts! Below are the results from the fall 2019 tryouts. Regardless of the results, we hope this experience was a positive one, and for those who did not make it onto the team, we hope this will not detour your desire for continued growth and love of dance.

If accepted plan on attending the Dance Camp and talk to your counselor during preregistration about enrolling into the program! Ninth graders need to register for Dyn Mar 1A (Marching Dynamics), Sophomores for Dyn Mar 2A, Juniors & Seniors for Beg Dn Chor (Beginning Dance Choreography).

Please attend the Dance Camp and commit yourself to an exciting and event-filled year.  Camp begins Monday, Aug. 5th at 8am. Dance camp is mandatory. Students absent from camp will be removed from the program.  If you have any questions about the program please feel free to email Mr. Sharp.


  • Claire Ali-Khan
  • Jordan Bayley
  • Julianna Benavides
  • Zittlalic Bernardino
  • Yasmine Castelan
  • Kenia Castillo
  • Melanie De León
  • Isabella Deall
  • Edwin Del Cid
  • Annelise Eileraas-Liu
  • Andrea Garcia *
  • Imelda Garcia *
  • Manica Gonzales *
  • Nicole Hernandez
  • Miranda “Gracie” Johnson 
  • Katherine Manno
  • Sullivanne Mantaigu
  • Alani Sky Nixon *
  • Sophia Prakasa
  • America Reyes
  • Hayley Skebba
  • Gabrielle Stanton
  • Adamaris Torres
  • Ashley Valle

* Academic Eligibility Clearance Pending

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