How to buy prescription drug from online pharmacy in Los Angeles

Ahead, we made a final list of the best drugstores in Los Angeles which can help you search for affordable medications for your health needs. We studied the prices from more than 100 pharmacies to find you the best discount programs and low-cost medicines.

1. Vons Pharmacy
Rating: 4.7 (29 reviews)

“The worst Vons Pharmacy I’ve ever been to! The people there are literally the most unintelligent people I have ever seen in my entire life!!! The pharmacist should not even be working in that profession period! I’m surprised this store is even still open, no joke!!!!! I’ve never delt with such stupidity in my life. If you wanna experience how stupid people can really be, this IS the store to go to! This place makes Walmart look, upper class! This place is full-blown full of special needs people. They must be just raking in cash for hiring this many people who don’t have a brain! Nothing against handicapped people! I respect people who are handicapped. But this store brings retardation to a whole new level!”

Vons Pharmacy wait is usually long. The store is not as friendly as the olds linds pharmacy was.”

2. Lorena Pharmacy
Rating: 4.6 (210 reviews)

“Been in Lorena Pharmacy a few times. Have always had to wait at the pharmacy for help. At the regular check, out have waited each time. Never like this when it was LIND “S. Also have found some of the staff not being friendly or helpful. I am not impressed by this operation at all. In fact, this store is completely the opposite of the one in Los Angeles.”

“I give them 2 stars instead of 1 because you will have time to drive to another grocery store to complete your grocery shopping while they are slowly filling your prescription. I almost have them 3 for this benefit, but it wasn’t ready when I drove back from Earth Fare. Why you have to physically bring them their prescription in the first place is beyond me. I get that they may want a physical copy, but they could ask for that when you pick up the order.”

3. ViaQX Pharmacy
Rating: 4.6 (9 reviews)

“You might need to wait, but at least they have your meds. I went to island drug, and in comparison, the pharmacists at ViaQX are professional, kind, and have ample supply.”

“Just because they started with a beautiful family store that they took over and somehow made it so very ugly and sterile, I shop there as little as possible. The employees are ok. I’m sure they are aware that every island resident that comes through the door remembers what it used to be, and that alone is two strikes against them.”

4. RiteAid Pharmacy
Rating: 3.8 (27 reviews)

“Went into California Medical Pharmacy for my Murray’s pomade and the manager told me we don’t have black products, and I’m white as a ghost… Hence the new name for this rite aid… Is White Aid … They really need some kind of management change there because they can’t even get prescriptions RITE…. Right… Lol”

“I wonder who controls this site. 6 reviews for a total of 17 points equals a rating of 2.9, NOT 3.5. WHO does these things anyway?”

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