Dear NHHS Music Students, Friends, & Families,

It’s been more than a month since our world changed due to the COVID 19 crisis. I apologize for not sending out a newsletter sooner as I too have been adjusting and focusing all my attention on my family and to this new form of communicating through Schoology and Zoom Conferencing.

The closure of our schools has left us with many questions and concerns. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or any teacher for help using Schoology messenger. This is the best way to reach out to teachers and counselors about your child’s health and progress. If a parent still doesn’t have a Schoology account, please click here to sign up!

Please know that many resources are available to families such as virtual help groups, LAUSD’s student health, and human resources and grab and go food centers. I have seen these grab and go food centers, and they are amazing. Entire meals are available to all families five days a week!

What I really want to say is…

I miss my brilliant students, who always brighten my day with their never-ending energy and enthusiasm for life; I miss my inspired parents who give so much to our program and are always there to lift us up. And I miss our alumni who have taken essential life lessons and work to ensure this world becomes a better place for all.

I hope all are working to ensure a positive and healthy quarantined environment. Practicing self-care and caring for those around you must be a top priority. Now more than ever is the time to stay grounded and motivated. I encourage you to challenge yourself and learn new skills. There are so many obstacles, but please don’t let them stop you. My predecessor had a saying, “Results, not excuses.” We all have an excuse to be unproductive, but we also have the ability to learn something new each day. As individuals, we can continue to acquire new skills and grow. Yes, we don’t have the usual support of our friends, schools, and communities. Sure, we don’t have the facilities, instruments, and structures that keep us on track. But these excuses will only hold us back if we let them.

Please challenge yourself to stay motivated and inspired by setting daily weekly and monthly goals. Doing what you love is key. For me, it’s learning how to write and produce music using Logic, for my wife it’s creating YouTube video lessons and performances, and for you, it could be music, dance, art, filmmaking, writing, computer programming, podcasting, cooking, gardening, painting, etc., You will sleep better and treat others with more love and respect if you grow and accomplish something every day.

Please continue to stay safe, stay connected, & take care of one another!

Musically Yours,

Mr. Sharp

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